TIDE (Trauma Informed Doula Education) 5 day training

This course is for beginners and enables you to join Doula UK and/or DWB.

TIDE provides you with a good basic understanding of trauma informed doula care. Whether you are interested in joining us at DWB, or offering a more robust practice in which you can confidently offer support to women with more complex backgrounds, this is the best course for you.

More info at: www.doulatraining.co.uk/trauma-informed-doula-education

Next course: Glastonbury, Somerset November 4th to 8th


Doulas Without Borders 2 day top-up  workshop

This course is for Doulas or experienced birth workers only.

Reading: September 18th and 19th TBC (Weds and Thurs)

Brighton: October 19th and 20th

Edinburgh: November 23rd and 24th

Manchester: December 9th and 10th (Monday and Tuesday)

This workshop offers an invaluable perspective on trauma-informed birth care.


    We will cover:


  • What is a Doula's role within DWB and how can I best utilise my skills?

  • Using reflective listening and empowering language, 


  • Safeguarding for yourself and your client,


  • Cultural humility and responsiveness,


  • Effective signposting...and more.

Please email us at info@doulaswithoutborders.com for more information.











































Email : info@doulaswithoutborders.com


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